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happy early turkey day.

Hello Everyone.

AP History Juniors:
If you're interested. We've realized that Mrs. Lackey tends to read her notes to us from this book.
It's available for about twenty dollars at this website. that's including shipping.
It's a newer edition but the only new stuff is within the last twenty years.
to look at the info about the book go here.

to just buy it go here.

and: Upcoming Weaver Shows, all amazing, i assume:

Island :: Thurs.-Sat. Nov. 17-19
Dance Concert :: Sat.-Sun. Dec. 3-4
Piano Concert :: Tues. Dec. 13
Vocal Concert :: Thurs. Dec. 15
Strings Concert :: Fri. Dec. 16

and, good luck to:
Pippin cast that opens tonight,
Music Man cast that opens tonight,
and Wizard cast that opens tomorrow.
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