Justin (iheardbushsgay) wrote in weaver_academy,

Alright, just a reminder incase some of you forgot. (I did)

Monday the Thesis and Outline is due for AP English.

Does anyone know if this is still due, and if so how indepth the outline has to be?
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WOAH. i didn't even know. was it on that blue sheet? CRAPPPPPP
i dont think it is due though because she didnt remind us at all on Friday. Everything she says is due is always pushed back. I guess you could do it and have it done but I seriously doubt it's due.
YOu would think with this being a big research paper and all taht she would help us out a little. But if it IS due tomorrow you could always turn it in on Tuesday. But at this point in my research I could not create an outline and my thesis would not be very good. Just do whatever you feel comfortable with I guess.
wow yeah definitely didn't remember her saying that was due tomorrow.
well. she probably expects it to be done. if it was on the blue sheet. but i just picked my topic on friday. i don't have a steady research amount, i haven't read much. and my outline, if i can pull it together, will be a load of crap.