katie [jill] marie (radiator_lions) wrote in weaver_academy,
katie [jill] marie

the last few days

Finally, semester one is almost done.
we've got into the woods auditions in the next couple of weeks, feb. 6 and 8th or something like that.

also, post schedules for the new semester in comments to see what classes everyone has coming up. and who knows what lunch will be, i'm guessing teachers will probably keep the lunches they had this semester.

who knows.
good luck to everyone on exams!
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1: French II - Yao
2: AP Hist/Eng - Lackey/ K
(1st lunch. i think.)
3: Chorus - Doyle
4: AP Stat! - Sneed

*has party because i have math again*
*gets laughed at for being a loser*
1: Music History - Fruednt
2: Ap His/Eng - Lackey/Koenig
3: Chorus - Doyle
4: Chemistry - Allison

woot. woot. *has a party because she DOESN'T have math anymore*

and *laughs at katie for being a LOOSER. ;)*
1st:: PreCalc- Sneed (vomit)
2nd:: APUSH/ AP English- Koenig/Lackey
3rd:: Chorus- Doyle
4th:: Musical Theatre- Macklin

**has a party for musical theatre. and switching to the 2nd block AP class**

I have two classes with you Kristin! AHAH!
2-Spanish II-Yao
4-Thatre Lab 1-Macklin

Basically the only thing that changes is my second block.
lets see if i remember this right...

3-h precalc
Who do you have for Env? Do you think you'll still have second lunch?
1: H Env - Allison
2: Adv Dance Lab - Foster
(2nd lunch again as far as I know...with a whole lot less of a lunch table thanks to at least Katie and Kristin switching, maybe more)
3: AP Hist/Eng - Lackey/Koenig
4: AP Stats! - Sneed

**giggles with glee and having math (I, too, am a dork)***
*cries because Choreography is over*


January 23 2006, 00:42:53 UTC 11 years ago

hey, this is Allie!

1. Environmental Science - Allison
2. Spanish II - Yao
3. AP History/English - Lackey/Koenig
4. DRAMA!!! - Mackinator

and if I remember correctly...

was it not you, miss meg, who was so upset that she was taking a choreography class instead of dance history? hehe, everything happens for a reason...
oh miss meg, was it not you who was so upset at the beginning of the year because she had choreography instead of dance history? hehe, everything happens for a reason! your dance was phenomenal, by the way, and Maria NEVER stopped talking about how hard you worked in her piece. Congratulations!
*feels awkward, because she's the only sophomore*
1: WHAP/H Eng 10, Schicker and Patty
2: Film II, Macklin
3: Spanish II, Yao
4: H. Chem, Allison
Oh yeah - "Into the Woods" auditions are February 6th and 8th, with callbacks as necessary on February 9th.
Each person interested will have two minutes to both sing a song and present a previously prepared monologue.

This musical is going to be so competitive!