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okay guys... i hate to be the bearer of shitty summer reading problems... but i'm trying to get started on mine because i'm feeling pressure what with also filling out college applications. and of course, as always the directions for the summer reading suck. so here's my question: when they say we have to do 10 reader response journals per book, 6 text connections, and 4 reflective questions, do they mean that we have to do 10 reader response journal entries IN ADDITION to 6 text connections and 4 refl. quest, or do they mean the 6 txt conn, and 4 refl quest MAKE UP the 10 reader response journals? does that make sense? i guess i'm wondering if all we basically need to do is the 6 txt conn, and 4 reflective questions, or do we need to do those in addition to areader response journal like the ones we had to do last summer?
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you have already started your college applications?!?!?!

10 reader response journals total for each book
if we had to do like, 20 per book, i am 1000 percent positive i would shoot myself in the face, twice.
from experience last year, i'm pretty sure they mean 10 seperate responses, 6 deperate text connections, and 4 seperate reflective questions; per book.

but then again, i never really did my summer reading. so you shouldn't either.

problem solved!

adam graetz
i was looking at the rubric and it looks like its the 4 and 6 that make up the 10.
but to get like the best possible score you have to do like 5 and 8 or whatever, more than the minimum.
Haha, I didn't do my summer reading either. (I think I might have turned in one of the essays that were assigned.)
We didn't even discuss the books once all year. It pissed me off; I felt like I had wasted my summer.

Either way, good luck to you guys.
i understand it to be the six and four make up the ten. and i agree with justin, twenty journals for both books = big bang, justin shot in the face..twice :) someone could always email ms. k. but i'm not gonna be the one to do it.

haha yeah, i definitely don't think i care enough to email koenig. thanks for the input though guys... i definitely think that i'm just going to be doing the 4 and 6 to make up the 10. thats enough. of course if i had it my way we wouldn't have to do it at all... sigh.
I think it is totally dumb to have to do twenty journals... min.. that means they want more than that! ahhh!
I feel sorry for you guys. A big plus to being at southeast is that our summer reading is nonexistent... comparatively. All we have to do is read two books, Pride and Prejudice and The things they carried. Did I mention that we have no work to do on top of that?
I officially HATE Southeast and its nonexsistant work.

Just kidding, but SERIOUSLY...we can't get full credit unless we do more than they ask for? That's kind of low. I would think they wanted us to do it well more than they wanted us to do it a lot. Not a good way to teach overachieving, in my opinion. And there's nothing to discuss once we get to school, because there will not be ONE book that EVERYONE has read. What's the point?
i honestyly dont think that ms koenig cares, or wrote these requirements.
because every grade has to do the reading journals.
remember last year ms koenig was like "i dont care what you did, or how you did them, as long as you have them."
is koenig teaching AP 12? cause i know she was adamant about not teaching it, but i heard a rumor that she is.
through the grape vine, i have heard yes. i emailed her because about how exactly we have been doing it and this is what she said haha

Ms. Koenig,
I hate to bother you this summer but I have one quick question. After
doing 10 reader response journals, I was informed that the way that
several other people and me were doing it, was wrong. Should we continue
to complete them as we have, or redo all of them? If we have to redo
them, please tell me the correct way, because that packet is really
Thank you,
Justin Snyder
Please don't redo anything. Just respond according to how you have been
doing it. OK? Have a nice couple of weeks....OK?
Lori Koenig

English Faculty
Weaver Academy
300 S. Spring Street
Greensboro, NC 27401