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Welcome to the Weaver Academy Student Forum

because PVA kids really do have more fun

Weaver Student Forum
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Welcome to the community for Weaver Academy for the Performing and Visual Arts.

Posting Guidelines:

*Post about upcoming performances or auditions. Weaver or otherwise. If you are going to be in a show for CTG, Livestock, or any other performing group in the piedmont area, feel free to post about that too.
*Post about any special events going on in greensboro that you think might be worthwhile to attend.
*Post your feelings about the latest happenings. In school or worldwide.
*Post your questions about classroom assignments. More likely than not, someone in your class will be here to answer.
*Post any sort of question or fact that you think might spark interest in the hearts of PVA kids across the county.

These are just some suggestions. Feel free to 'post your mind', just try to keep it clean.

**** Be sure to keep in mind that some topics may start debates and I, the moderator, as well as your peers I'm sure, would appreciate that you respect the opinions of others.

**** Also, please refrain from what we'll call "hate-posting". I know that sometimes administrators and teachers can cause our heads to explode but that is not what this community is for. Post things like that on your own journal, please.

*** Be sure to check out our friends page to read the personal journals of other Weaver students.

Thanks for joining weaver_academy!

For more information about Weaver please visit our website or read our memorable entries. Feel free to post any questions or contact the school with the phone number, provided on the website.