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okay guys... i hate to be the bearer of shitty summer reading problems... but i'm trying to get started on mine because i'm feeling pressure what with also filling out college applications. and of course, as always the directions for the summer reading suck. so here's my question: when they say we have to do 10 reader response journals per book, 6 text connections, and 4 reflective questions, do they mean that we have to do 10 reader response journal entries IN ADDITION to 6 text connections and 4 refl. quest, or do they mean the 6 txt conn, and 4 refl quest MAKE UP the 10 reader response journals? does that make sense? i guess i'm wondering if all we basically need to do is the 6 txt conn, and 4 reflective questions, or do we need to do those in addition to areader response journal like the ones we had to do last summer?
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